Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wild Orange Essential Oil and Yummy Local Honey: An Organic Antidote for Greasy Foods

We've all been eating and eating and eating since Thanksgiving. It's time to help our digestive systems along.

One sure way to take good care of your digestive track is to drink a lot of water. Adding 4-5 drops of Wild Orange Essential Oil will help, too, and serve as a kind of boost for your digestive system. Adding in a spoonful of local honey will be an added lubricant to your digestive track, and heating the mix and drinking it as a kind of tea makes for a really sweet way to head into a deep, restful night.

You can order your oils through my website:

Many of you won't be heading for a restful night on New Year's eve.  As I write this, that's tomorrow! If you plan to be out celebrating the new year, please take a look at this facebook note I've left you with some doctor's advice about 3 things to be sure to do when you imbibe:

Dr. Tracy Ye offers Holiday Hangover Cures

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

How to Help Yourself Feel Better, Go the Distance, Make the Memories...and NOT Go Home Early Feeling OverStuffed and Out of Sorts

What if I told you that you could hold on to the end of your elbow and bend over and massage a spot just four fingers below the bottom of your knee, and then you'd feel better, stay longer, and enjoy the holidays even more?

Would you think it was magic? 

In Chinese Medicine there are meridians and points--think about them like highways and intersections--and each vital organ is affected by pressure or pinpoint precision along the ways these highways make. 

When you've eaten too much or too differently than you normally eat, like we often do at the holidays, there are a couple of points that can make all the difference in helping yourself feel better even without the antacids.  

Take a look at my recent article to find out what two of these points are called, how you can find them on your body, and how to massage them for just five minutes--and get yourself back to feeling better before you call it a night.

Holiday Party Indigestion - Two Acupressure Points to Hold

This is the BEST TIme of the YEAR

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Essential Oils, Inner Mongolia & Healing Hands

It's hard to say where people work the hardest. Today, in my clinic in San Mateo, we had a mom with a cold, strep throat, and a real complaint--she was catching everything her five year old brought home. She learned more about some doTerra essential oils after receiving her acupuncture treatment, and, through the family physician package, she will be able to use the oils at the first sign of sickness in her household.

In another story, from my clinic in Inner Mongolia, there's the story of a bent, old, arthritic janitor, a woman who has been working hard for decades, who now feels the relief a little lavender oil can bring. Read the whole story here: Don't miss the picture proof of how just three days gave her back the use of her hands.

If you are ready to try doTerra for yourself, or get some samples for stocking stuffers this season, please order what you need from my new website especially for the essential oils:

How Acupuncture Works

Each time a client comes in to our clinic, I know that they will feel better before they leave. Just last week, a client who has been in a terrible car accident came in to the clinic, but could not hold the pen to sign his name, he was in THAT much pain. As he left, he asked to sign! He opened the door with ease! He could move his hand!

It feels like a miracle--the things that Acupuncture done right can make you feel. Here's an article I wrote just a few weeks ago about How Acupuncture Works:

Fertility & Acupuncture

Today, two new birth announcements arrived with the holiday cards. It is a joy to see the women I work with growing their families.

Last week I published a note on Fertility & Acupuncture. It is said that when acupuncture is combined with new kinds of fertility treatments like IUI and IVF, the chances of a successful pregnancy increases by seventy percent. Our office is seeing an 80% success rate.

To read the full article please find it here: