Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Decoding Cholesterol: 8 Ways to Change Your Habits Toward Healthy

8 Ways to Change Your Habits toward Healthy

When you get your lab reports back and your MD has ordered a cholesterol test, many of my patients come in to ask me what these reports mean. Here's the quick tip for decoding those reports: HCL = HEALTHY Cholesterol
LCL = LOUSY Cholesterol

Acupuncture helps to get cholesterol levels in balance. Herbal Medicine is all natural, not pharmaceutical, with no toxins or chemicals added to suppress the natural way your body produces what it needs to do what you ask it to. Botanical Oils can often remedy the root cause of symptom producing issues in the body without requiring the kind of toxic, chemical "side effects" of prescribed and over-the-counter drugs. CALL US NOW to book a Nutritional Consultation and get a read on your HCL levels: (650) 808-0278.

In addition to coming into the clinic, here are 8 things you can do to make sure you're doing your best to help your body produce enough HCL:

1. RELAX. Stress is the number one reason that HCL is deficient for many people. Acupuncture is a 45 minute treatment and totally natural way to help bring the body's systems into balance. Your treatment is offered in an environment and atmosphere where there is NOTHING you can do but Relax. Practice Relaxing by booking regular acupuncture appointments.

2. BALANCE YOUR PROTEIN INTAKE. Protein requires a lot of HCL to digest. Be sure you've got enough HEALTHY cholesterol to support the amount of protein you're eating.

3. CHEW YOUR FOOD. Make sure to savor what you're eating. Eat the food, then drink the water--but try not to drink too much liquid while you're eating. They're separate activities, so treat them that way.

4. GET ENOUGH ZINC AND B1 in your system. We can help to balance the Zinc and Vitamin B levels in your body with Herbal Medicine and Essential Oils. CALL US NOW and book a Nutrition Consultation where we'll give you a FREE ZINC TEST! (650) 558-8118.

5. WATCH WHAT YOU INGEST. Antacids and other medications with terrible side effects take a toll on the body. Come for Acupuncture, where we can get at the root cause of digestion issues and balance your body's natural production centers. See my recent A-Z note on Facebook where I talk about the Essential Oils that are worth trying, especially if you've been regularly downing a bottle of Tums. These kinds of toxic pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter drugs shut down the natural stomach acid production before it even gets started--and you need this stomach magic to digest food and balance HCL levels. CALL US NOW to book a Nutrition Consultation and learn about the essential oils that can help you restore your own natural digestive system! (

6.TAKE IT EASY ON THE ALCOHOL. Excessive use of Alcohol robs the body of it's ability to make HCL.

7. PASS THE SALT. Sodium is needed to produce HEALTHY cholesterol in the body. Salt-free isn't the way to be.

8. GET ACUPUNCTURE. As we age, our body naturally decreases the healthy cholesterol production. Acupuncture helps to balance and revive our body's natural systems at every step of the living way. As we get older, it's more important to schedule regular acupuncture appointments so that the body stays in alignment as it goes through all of nature's changes